[Samba] Slow file transfers from server to XP clients

Bret Holbrook bret.holbrook at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 13:14:35 GMT 2006

Hey everyone, I'm sure this topic has been discussed, but I've looked
through history and done google searches and just haven't found a resolution
yet so I'm hoping the experts can help me.

Running Fedora Core 5 and Samba ???  Not sure the version off-hand.
Clients are XP Professional

The problem is miserably slow file transfers from the server to the XP
clients (and it's primary purpose is a file server) and I mean along the
lines of 4.5 to 5 hours for a 5 gig directory.  This is over a 100mb
switched network with a really good HP managed switch.

Transferring the same directory from client to client takes less than 45

Transferring data to a Win 98 client on the other hand moves much faster,
not as fast as win to win but acceptably fast.

I have had the same exact problem through about six generations of
Linux/samba from RedHat 9 and each version of Fedora.  Each time I have done
a complete format/re-install and same problem.

I have also tried switching the Nic in the server with a working pull from a
client and no change.  I even forced the Nic to 100 full in dos before
placing in the Linux box.

Really at an end of my knowledge which was limited in the first place, just
not sure why this isn't working and really trying to avoid putting 2k3 on
there.  Any Help would be greatly appreciated, or if the topic has been
discussed ad-nauseam then if you could post some links or point me in the
right direction that would be helpful.

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