[Samba] Getting NTLM group info about user

Jeremiah Martell inlovewithgod at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 13:49:33 GMT 2006

I use samba on my linux box to register to a remote windows domain. I
start up winbindd. Then I use "net join -S PDC -U user%pass" to join
to the domain. I can test it out by authenticating myself with "wbinfo
-a user%pass" which works fine.

Id like to get back what groups I'm in. I tried "wbinfo -r ME" but it
doesn't work: "Could not get groups for user ME". I've verified that I
am actually in some groups in the windows box (active directory).

What am I doing wrong?

 - Jeremiah
 inlovewithGod at gmail.com

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