[Samba] Unable to use 'valid users' from Active Directory

marcos rocha mczueira at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jun 2 11:38:29 GMT 2006


are you using winbind ?
if sou enable winbind use default domain and use valid
users without domain name and winbind separator.


--- Adam Nielsen <adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au> escreveu:

> > I tried that but the results are the same, I am
> still prompted to
> > enter a username and password, and it doesn't
> take. IMO it shouldn't
> > even prompt for a username/password because I am
> already logged in and
> > therefore authenticated against the domain.
> OH, okay, I thought you *wanted* it to prompt for a
> username.  In that
> case you'll only get a prompt if the credentials
> you're already using
> are incorrect, i.e. you correctly logged into the
> domain, then you
> connect to Samba and pass those same credentials on,
> Samba rejects the
> credentials for whatever reason and then you get a
> prompt asking for a
> valid username and password.
> > I am getting a error when trying to access the
> share:
> > 
> > [2006/06/01 16:13:39, 1]
> smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(250)
> >   Username UFAD\IF-FRE-CETUS$ is invalid on this
> system
> > 
> > The username that it mentions is my computer
> name... 
> Which computer name is that?  If it's the Samba
> machine, it would
> indicate that it hasn't correctly joined the domain.
>  Part of the
> process of joining a domain involves creating a
> computer account in
> Active Directory, which is the account Samba uses
> when it connects to
> the directory to retrieve a list of users/groups.
> > I've attached my smb.conf in hopes that I am just
> missing something in
> > the configuration.
> Almost none of the domain config is stored in
> smb.conf, it's all
> updated dynamically in the binary data files when
> you run commands
> like 'net join'.  You'll need to run things like
> "net testjoin" etc. to
> try to figure out why wbinfo is working but smbd
> isn't.
> Cheers,
> Adam.
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