[Samba] SMB server 3.0.22 and WinNT/Win98 clients

Den brusok at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 06:16:32 GMT 2006

There are Samba server 3.0.22 with `encrypt passwords = no' and
WinXP/WinNT/Win98 clients with plain text password.

If Samba server is running with `max protocol = NT1'(default), then WinXP
and Win98 can connect to server, but WinNT can't.Win98
can see long filenames.

If Samba server is running with `max protocol = LANMAN2', then
WinXP/WinNT/Win98 can connect to server. But Win98 client can't see long
filenames. Long filenames are like `_V02KJ~H'. With WinXP/WinNT all is Ok.

Could somebody help me?
Thank you.

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