[Samba] Enabling a user w/ more than 14 char passwd prompts for a password.

Warren Beldad advisory22 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 05:59:21 GMT 2006

I noticed recently why our app will always go time out when enabling a
certain user.
Then we found out that enabling back a user with more than 14 char passwd
will prompt for a new password.

I have created a user with a password of 15 characters...
then disable:
-bash-3.00# smbpasswd -d user1
Disabled user user1.

-bash-3.00# smbpasswd -e user1
New SMB password:

Why is this happening? Is there any limitation for the number of password
we would like to limit to 14 chars but we don't know of any consequences.


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