[Samba] How to change permistion after mounting windows patition

Leo James fedora-j at 163.com
Fri Jun 2 05:32:46 GMT 2006

Hello everybody:
I beg your help. : )
The windows version is windows 2003, and I share a folder with full =
control permission. The folder name is "asdf". And I use the command to =
mount below:

mount -t smbfs -o =
username=3Dadministrator,password=3D"",fmask=3D777,dmask=3D777  =
//windows/asdf /mnt/winnt

everything is Ok, and I can use any user to do what i want in the =
/mnt/winnt/ in Linux, such as adding files, deleteing files, move and =
copy, but I cann't change the files permission in the /mnt/winnt , even =
the root. I use the command below:

chmod -x files

And I get a such error message:

chmod: changing permissions of 'a' (requested: 0666, actual: 0777): =
operation not permitted

How can I change the permission after I mounted the filesystem?

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