[Samba] Session and logon script on BDC

TRAPPE vincent trappe.vincent at laposte.net
Fri Jun 2 04:49:31 GMT 2006

  I've install 6 servers with 1 PDC and 5 BDC with ldap replciation on
each BDC on ubuntu linux 5.1. And i've a big problem with file
- For example the user "aaa" belong to group "Domain Users", and a share
is configured have the following rights rwxrwx--- Administrator."Domain
Admins", he haven't the right to access to the share. The user is
already logged and add him to group "Domain Admins". 
But it can't access to the share only if i restart samba or logoff the
user. Does exist a mean to solve this issue ??????????

- I would like to know also how works netlogon, i've put some scripts on
BDC, but the user never load it at login, only when i install scripts on
the PDC the user launch the script at login. It's normal ?????

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