[Samba] printing fails for SPOOLSS OpenPrinterEx request

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jun 1 01:51:33 GMT 2006

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lists at sumpfralle.de wrote:

> I have a problem with my printing setup of a windows XP 
> client with a samba server.
> The windows driver seems to use different ways of 
> smb/printer communication for printing in normal/duplex
> mode and for printing brochures. The latter failes
> silently.
> normal/duplex printing uses: SMB Open Print File Request
> brochure printing starts with: SPOOLSS OpenPrinterEx request

This doesn't make sense to me.  Are you serving the driver
from the Samba box?  or installing it locally?

> In windows client(s) the printer is configured to be 
> connected to a local port ("\\servername\printername") and
> works without problems for anything except brochure printing.

Sounds like you are trying to force lanman printing.
I would recommend against this if possible.  But if you
really want it, you can disable MS-RPC printing globally
on the Samba server using 'disable spoolss = yes'

> I tried to turn on "default devmode" and "use client 
> driver" in smb.conf. None of these changed the behaviour.
> This setup was known to work with the previous server 
> machine, I used. It was a debian sarge woody installation.
> But this machine is not available for testing anymore ...
> Does anyone have any ideas, what I could try, to get 
> brochure printing to work again?

cheers, jerry
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