[Samba] Fw: Files left open

Jack Gostl gostl at argoscomp.com
Mon Jul 31 15:59:00 GMT 2006

I'm still stuggling with files left open. My app is a Dialogic application 
on a Win2K box. The host is running AIX 5.1 ML2 and samba 3.0.23a. Whenever 
my PC app speaks a prompt stored on the AIX box, the file stays open. 
smbstatus, fuser and lsof all agree the file is open.

All other apps that I've tried, Winzip, pkzip, vi, etc., behave properly.

I just can't believe this is a samba issue, but the vendor, Dialogic, is 
stonewalling on their side. They keep saying "It doesn't happen with local 
files, so if it happens in a share, it isn't our problem."

So I'm kind of stuck, and looking for advice.


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