[Samba] valid-users still not work in 3.0.23a

Andreas Sachs andilist at gmx.de
Mon Jul 31 14:58:43 GMT 2006

> On Sun, Jul 30, 2006 at 06:31:40PM +0200, Andreas Sachs wrote:
>> Hello,
>> i was using the debian version of samba 3.0.14a. Everything works fine.
>> Then I upgraded to 3.0.23 because of Windows Visa support. After that
>> upgrade shares with "valid users" could not be accessed. So I waited for
>> 3.0.23a and upgraded to this version. The problem still exists. The
>> following message is in the log: User andi not in 'valid users'.
>> Settings:
>> security = user
>> passdb backend = tdbsam
>> username map =  /var/lib/samba/users.map
>> ...
>> [dokumente]
>> comment = dokumente
>> path = /home/dokumente
>> valid users = andi,root
>> public = no
>> browseable = yes
>> read only=no
>> force user = dokumente
>> Can anybody reproduce this problem or is something wrong with my
>> configuration?

> Can you post a debug level 10 log of smbclient connecting and
> getting this error message please ?

after further investigation i have new details:

the problem only appears if the username is mapped with a username map. Example:

<serveruser> = <clientuser>
valid users = <serveruser>
smbclient -U <serveruser> ...
->everything is ok

smbclient -U <clientuser> ...
->tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

in the serverlog:
User <serveruser> not in 'valid users'

The server recognize the mapping, because the translated username is in the log.

You asked me to post the smbclient log. Do you really want this log, because the error message (User andi not in 'valid users') is from the server log.


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