[Samba] CUPS via SMB with per-user credentials?

Rune Tønnesen rune at tonnesen.org
Sun Jul 30 18:38:04 GMT 2006

Jonathan Anderson skrev:
> > I have a multi-user Linux box in a mostly Windows NT/2000 shop. The 
> office
> > printer is available only via SMB (hosted by a Win2000 box) and 
> access is
> > restricted to valid users in the local NT domain. There is no 
> "global" or
> > "print" user/password.
> I saw this post from 2003... any action since then?
> I'm in a similar boat, but a little bit worse: in my lab, we have to 
> pay for printing, and I don't want everybody's. How can I let 
> individual users connect to SMB-shared printers (not under my 
> administrative control) using their own uname/passwd?
> #!/jon
Hi Jonathan

Do You have ipp printing installed on your windows server? If so you 
should be able to use the windows server as ipp server specified in 

Venlig Hilsen (Best Regards)
stud. med. Rune Tønnesen

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