[Samba] Samba connections issues (3.0.23 on Solaris 8 with NIS+)

Gilles.Vautour at statcan.ca Gilles.Vautour at statcan.ca
Thu Jul 27 00:24:30 GMT 2006


Finally got a maintenance window and applied 3.0.23a.  Problem solved.



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Gilles Vautour wrote:
> I'm curious if anyone has suggestions about a problem
> we have encountered. We have recently upgraded a 2.2.8a
> server to 3.0.23.  The server in question is running Solaris
> 8 with NIS+.  Storage is from our SAN.  Since the
> migration, we have found that we no longer have access 
> to several shares. They are connected, but we are
> unable to get to them.

You win the award for the biggest change in an upgrade :-)
Not funny to you I know ....

Please retest 3.0.23a (released on Friday) as there were several common
bugs in 3.0.23 that might be relevant.

> Samba will indicate that we are connected to the
> share, but we are unable to browse it or view it
> via Windows XP clients.  We ran truss on one of the
> process and from this, we seem to have an error 
> in the chdir attempt.  We have no problem
> accessing the share/directory from the UNIX side.

If you still have problems with 3.0.23a, please provide more details on
you setup.

cheers, jerry
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