[Samba] File name problem.

Jan Skarvall jan.skarvall at telia.com
Wed Jul 26 18:42:38 GMT 2006


I'm running Samba (smbd version 3.0.23-1.fc4) on Fedora Core 4.
On the fedora machine I have mounted an Windows XP share using mount -t
smbfs ...
Now, on this share some files have strange names, e.g.
'¸Æ½º(Max)(4Áý-14).txt'. There is no problem opening that file on the XP
When using ls on the fedora machine, I enter the path using file name
completion (in this case I entered just a '/mnt/tmp/,' and then TAB,
then RETURN), but Samba then says that the file doesn't exist, like this
(captured with 'script'):

[root at myhost tmp]# ls /mnt/tmp/,\,’«§\(Max\)\(4Ay-14\).txt 
ls: /mnt/tmp/,’«§(Max)(4Ay-14).txt: No such file or directory
[root at myhost tmp]# 

If I use ls -l, I get:

[root at myhost tmp]# ls -l /mnt/tmp | grep Max
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root root  3762357 Jan  9  2005 ,’«§(Max)(4Ay-14).txt
[root at myhost tmp]#

So the file seems to be there, I just can't access it, and not just me,
'rsync' complains when it tries to sync that file saying:

[root at myhost tmp]# rsync -av /mnt/tmp /tmp
file has vanished: "/mnt/tmp/,\#222\#253\#247(Max)(4Ay-14).txt"
[root at myhost tmp]#

Any hints?


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