[Samba] troubleshooting a custom passdb module

Paul Griffith paulg at cs.yorku.ca
Fri Jul 28 19:23:26 GMT 2006


Is there any tips/docs on trouble shooting a custom passdb module? The
module compiles and can be loaded without problems I can even access
shares with my username and password. When I try to assign privilages
so our tech members can join computer to the domain, I get a error
message. Even with level 10 dumps it is hard to see where the problem

Our user database contains all the normal UNIX account info, uid, gid,
etc. When it comes to Samba it our user database only contain LMHASH

What are the miminal fuctions I should provide to passdb, currently I have:

	 (*pdb_method)->setsampwent = pdb_udb_setsampwent;
	 (*pdb_method)->endsampwent = pdb_udb_endsampwent;
	 (*pdb_method)->getsampwent = pdb_udb_getsampwent;
	 (*pdb_method)->getsampwnam = pdb_udb_getsampwnam; 
	 (*pdb_method)->getsampwsid = pdb_udb_getsampwsid;
	 (*pdb_method)->add_sam_account = pdb_udb_add_sam_account;
	 (*pdb_method)->update_sam_account = pdb_udb_update_sam_account;
	 (*pdb_method)->delete_sam_account = pdb_udb_delete_sam_account;
	 (*pdb_method)->rid_algorithm = pdb_udb_rid_algorithm; 

pdb_udb_rid_algorithm just returns true like pdb_smbpasswd.c and
pdb_udb_getsampwsid returns NT_STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.

Any tips or ideas out there?

Here is the error message..

net -S JAZZY  rpc rights grant 'JAZZY\tech' SeMachineAccountPrivilege
Failed to grant privileges for JAZZY\tech (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)

I use pdb_smbpasswd.c for idea, since our UDB and pdb_smbpasswd.c are
basically doing the same thing, just one is file based and the other
is network based.


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