[Samba] Incorrect handling of group permissions

Peter Trifonov petert at dcn.infos.ru
Thu Jul 27 10:23:10 GMT 2006

Hello everyone,

I have posted this problem report some time ago (see  message 
"nss_winbind does not recognize group membership" sent on 24.07.2006), but
there was no reply.

The FreeBSD 6.1 server is a member of ADS domain. There is a directory named
test with write 
permissions granted to user bill and group DOMAINNAME/algocod: 

#ls -al /tmp
drwxrwx---   2 bill    DOMAINNAME/algocod     512 Jul 24 14:16 test

bill is a user registered in domain DOMAINNAME, but not a member of algocod
group. He is able to read and write to and from directory test. But the user
jim, who is a member of DOMAINNAME/algocod, cannot get access to it. 

log.winbindd contains a lot of messages like 
[2006/07/24 15:12:19, 0] nsswitch/winbindd.c:request_len_recv(517)
  request_len_recv: Invalid request size received: 1836

This problem appeared after upgrading from samba-3.0.22 to samba-3.0.23_1
(from FreeBSD ports collection). 

Please let me know if anyone has any idea on how to solve this problem.

With best regards,
P. Trifonov 

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