[Samba] Cannot access WD's NetCenter drive from linux

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Jul 27 07:17:04 GMT 2006

> Pure speculation here, but maybe the kernel-space
> samba client process gets confused and sends the read
> request on the newly negotiated connection, which
> causes confusion to ensue. 

What version of Samba are you running on the client?

If you suspect it's a problem with the client, try using the userspace
program "smbclient" to reproduce the problem.  If you can reproduce it
with smbclient, you could try compiling some alternate versions of
Samba, and instead of installing them just run smbclient from the
compilation directory.  That would at least tell you whether there's a
version of Samba that works successfully.  I'd start with the same
version that runs on the server, because if that version has problems
I'd begin to wonder about the server.


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