[Samba] Cannot access WD's NetCenter drive from linux

samba newbie samba_help_needed at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 27 07:10:14 GMT 2006

Thanks once again, Adam.  Some more comments below...

--- Adam Nielsen <adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au> wrote:

> > * the client sends a Tree Connect AndX Request
> > specifying the correct share path but only '00' as
> the
> > password
> > * the server responds with STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD.
> > 
> This indeed does appear to be the problem.  Is
> 'mount' prompting you
> for the password, or are you specifying it as a
> mount option?  Does it
> make a difference doing it the other way?  (-o
> password=blah)

Makes no difference either way.

> If you disable CIFS UNIX extensions, does that make
> a difference?
> (echo 0 > /proc/fs/cifs/LinuxExtensionsEnabled) 
> Possibly the
> negotiation there is confusing the server.

Makes no difference either.

> Does "mount \\whatever --verbose -o blah" give you
> any new information?

Sure, but nothing useful.

> That's pretty much everything I can think of, so
> sorry I couldn't be
> more helpful!
> Cheers,
> Adam.

Hey, no worries.  I appreciate your efforts,
nonetheless.  I can only assume this is a bug in
mount.cifs (which may have been fixed in later

But that's not the main problem anyway; the hang is. 
I've narrowed the problem behaviour down a bit.  It
happens when one process is already reading all the
files in a directory under a samba share, and another
process tries to do a read on one of the files in that
directory.  That's when the timeouts start to occur,
and things freeze up.  

In terms of user actions, this happens when I use an
image management program (picasa or gthumb, for
example) to show thumbnails of all the JPEG files in a
subdirectory of a samba share, and while the
thumbnails are still loading for that directory, I
double-click one of the thumbnails to try to view the

>From watching traffic in ethereal, the thumbnail loads
are generating a steady flow of Read AndX Request
packets from the client and Read AndX Response packets
from the server (the image program is requesting the
contents of each file).  When I double-click the file,
a new negotiate protocol request/response sequence
occurs.  The next Read AndX Request packet from the
client (from the process loading the thumbnails) runs
into problems: the server thinks the FID is invalid
(the FID is definitely valid, since the server had
returned it to the client and had transferred multiple
MB's worth of data for it already at this point). 
Pure speculation here, but maybe the kernel-space
samba client process gets confused and sends the read
request on the newly negotiated connection, which
causes confusion to ensue. 

A workaround is to let all the thumbnails load, and
then to access one file at a time.  No problems occur
if I do this.  This kinda sucks, but hey - it works at

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