[Samba] Cannot access WD's NetCenter drive from linux

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Jul 27 01:47:01 GMT 2006

> I think this is because the mount is trying to do user-level
> authentication (since it correctly sends my share-level password, but
> also reports to the server that the user is 'root').
> There is no documentation on the mount.cifs man page
> to force share-level authentication.

User-level and share-level authentication are only terms for
configuring the server, they both appear the same way on the client.
The only difference between the two is that if the server is set up for
share-level authentication, it should ignore whatever username you

If you do want to try a different username, use the -U option with
smbclient or "-o username=blah" with mount.  But if it's true
share-level authentication, the username you supply won't make a
difference, the server will only be interested in the password.

> At this stage, I'm stumped.  I have no access to the
> server logs (since the NetCenter is a black-box
> appliance). 

But you said you could download the source?  You could recompile that
and enable SSH or something, presumably?  They may even have some sort
of SSH or telnet access already built in.

> Any ideas?  Is there anything else I can do to gather
> more debugging data?  Any mount options I should try?

You could try using Ethereal and see what's actually going over the
network when the share locks up, but beyond that it could be tricky
without access to the server.


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