[Samba] A solution to error "Not listening on called name"

Andrew Ziem andrewz at springsrescuemission.org
Tue Jul 25 21:29:41 GMT 2006

For people scratching their heads and searching the web for answers 
(like I was), here's a solution to the obscure error "Not listening on 
called name." 

Today, I added a new machine account foo091 to the Samba 3.0.22 PDC, but 
I couldn't access the new machine from Windows XP or smbclient.  For 

$ smbclient //foo091/files
session request to FOO091 failed (Not listening on called name)
session request to *SMBSERVER failed (Not listening on called name)

Eventually, I found a seemingly unrelated error message in the Samba PDC 
log files:

        log.  build_sam_account: smbpasswd database is 
corrupt!  username carol with uid 557 is not in unix passwd database!

Apparently, carol was deleted from /etc/passwd but was left in 
/etc/smb/smbpasswd.  Deleting the line from the latter file fixed the 
problem.  Hmm....


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