[Samba] upgrading and moving to different servers

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Tue Jul 25 20:04:25 GMT 2006

Adamiec, Larry wrote:
>> To address your immediate concerns however, most of your old smb.conf 
>> should work. It's been a long time since I've worked with 
>> 2.2, but you 
>> may want to check to see if you have any .tdb files 
>> associated with your 
>> Samba 2.2 setup. If so, move that entire directory over to 
>> your new machine.
> So, on the new machine I can run ./configure -prefix=/opt/servers/samba then the make commands.  Then I can move the smb.conf file from the old machine to the ne machine and copy the following  files/directories from the old machine to the new machine:
> /opt/servers/samba/var/locks/brlock.tdb
> /opt/servers/samba/var/locks/locking.tdb
> /opt/servers/samba/var/locks/printing.tdb
> /opt/servers/samba/var/locks/ntdrivers.tdb
> /opt/servers/samba/var/locks/ntprinters.tdb
> /opt/servers/samba/var/locks/ntforms.tdb
> /opt/servers/samba/var/locks/share_info.tdb
> /opt/servers/samba/var/locks/connections.tdb
> /opt/servers/samba/var/locks/messages.tdb
> /opt/servers/samba/var/locks/unexpected.tdb
> /opt/servers/samba/private/secrets.tdb

That should be close to working. I wouldn't bother with the locks 
folder, just the private folder. However, I'd compare your smb.conf with 
the example smb.conf from your installation to see if there any 
significant differences. Also, with 100 users, I'd probably switch to 
using a tdb backend rather than smbpasswd, but that not essential.

You can also try installing SWAT and using the wizard to help you set up 
your new server. I prefer using SWAT for most routine tasks in Samba.

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