[Samba] locking files trouble ...

Jose Luis Maquieira Taboada joseluismaquieira at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 09:39:01 GMT 2006

Hi !

 I've hot a resource configured like this one in a Etch Debian
Linux bteam-2 2.6.15-1-686 #2 Mon Mar 6 15:27:08 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux
Samba version 3.0.22

   comment = Carpeta compartida para Paco
   path = /srv/public/pperez
   read only = no
   guest ok = yes
   browseable = yes
   writeable = Yes
   force create mode = 0775
   create mask = 0775
   security mask = 0775
   directory mask = 0775
   force directory mode = 0775
   force directory security mode = 0775
   force security mode = 0775
   directory security mask = 0775
   force user = pperez
   force group = users

 and on the client machine on fstab like this ...

//   /mnt/bteam-2w  smbfs
0  0

in Suse 9.1 ...
Linux Paco 2.6.13-15.11-default #1 Mon Jul 17 09:43:01 UTC 2006 i686
i686 i386 GNU/Linux
Samba version 3.0.20b-3.5-SUSE

 The main problem is that at some times any file won't erase from the
Suse; we're working  with Eclipse Environment and the WorkSpace is on
the SAMBA resource.

When the eclipse makes updates ( internally works fast ) ... the
problem is too big, working normally the trouble is less important ...
but it still doing problems.

What things can i test to check this ?... When I log on the machine
via ssh as root the directory and files permissions are correct to do
anything from smb client or like the local user.


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