[Samba] Dos application hanging when being used by 3 or more people

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Mon Jul 24 20:33:58 GMT 2006

On Mon, Jul 24, 2006 at 09:34:44AM +1000, Ron Daniel wrote:
> We have a department using a DOS based application (written in C) within an MS window. By this I mean that the application is text based, and has no mouse capabilities at all. 
> The application object code and its database all reside in a departmental share on our Samba instance on a Solaris box. We have about 30 people using the samba shares on this box at any time.
> The users have sent me an email in which they say :
> "We are experiencing increasing 'crashes' with app-name. I believe it is because of time-out's to the server. Appname is not very tolerant in waiting for data to be written or retrieved from the server and will crash. (being a DOS based product) "
> I have no more information about the crashes. I need to know :
> 1) What to look at when the application "crashes"
> 2) Are there configuration settings which I can make to boost the ability of Samba to have more open files per user and more open files in total. 
> 3) What things I could look at on the file sharing and locking front. I suspect this is where the problem might lie.

I'd start by upgrading to 3.0.23a and trying to reproduce
the problem - that's the latest released code. At that point
you're on the same page as the development team.


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