[Samba] Domain controller

Guillaume silencer at free-4ever.net
Mon Jul 24 14:48:57 GMT 2006

Bill Platt wrote:
> Hi,
> With SAMBA and LDAP as a domain controller, is there a way to specify 
> which user has permissions to which resource including resources on 
> remote servers?  Eg, user A has access to public share one server and 
> access to a printer on a different server and user B has access to only 
> the printer but is forced to access the internet through the proxy on 
> another server.
> Are there any online tutorials/howtos on how to implement this.
> Thank you
> B.P.


The idea to do that is to declare some groups.

For example:
  - A group "printer" for the printer, setup your printer to accept only 
request from users of this group and put the user you want in this group.


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