[Samba] Samba connections issues (3.0.23 on Solaris 8 with NIS+)

Gilles Vautour Gilles.Vautour at statcan.ca
Sun Jul 23 14:01:21 GMT 2006

I'm curious if anyone has suggestions about a problem we have encountered.
We have recently upgraded a 2.2.8a server to 3.0.23.  The server in question
is running Solaris 8 with NIS+.  Storage is from our SAN.  Since the
migration, we have found that we no longer have access to several shares.
They are connected, but we are unable to get to them.

Samba will indicate that we are connected to the share, but we are unable to
browse it or view it via Windows XP clients.  We ran truss on one of the
process and from this, we seem to have an error in the chdir attempt.  We
have no problem accessing the share/directory from the UNIX side.

Anyone have a suggestion?


Gilles A. Vautour
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