[Samba] setdriver fails with WERR_ACCESS_DENIED

Flavien flavien at freesurf.fr
Mon Jul 24 08:17:32 GMT 2006

> I resolved the WERR_ACCESS_DENIED issue in rpcclient by specifying 
> "CATNET\rtanner" as a printer admin and authenticating as the user 
> "CATNET\rtanner" rather than simply "rtanner" in rpcclient.  The only 
> oddity was that the global setting in "printers" was not enough.  I had 
> to explicitly declare "CATNET\rtanner" as a printer admin in each 
> printer definition in smb.cfg.  And after that, everything was honky dory.

Yes. I did add the rights to the "flavien" user too. I cannot
use "printer admin = " option in smb.conf as it's deprecated in the
samba version that I use.

Thus I did it with the "grant" command and it looks like I have
sufficient privileges (or do I need something else ?) :
> >The user "flavien" has PrintOperator privileges :
> >   $ net rpc rights list flavien -U flavien
> >   Password:
> >   SePrintOperatorPrivilege
> >   SeDiskOperatorPrivilege

However, I still get an ACCESS_DENIED error... :-(

  $ rpcclient  localhost -U flavien -c 'setdriver hp1 hp1'

BTW, the "suspicious thing" :
> >   $ rpcclient  localhost -U flavien -c 'getdriverdir "Windows NT x86"'
> >   Password:
> >           Directory Name:[\\LOCALHOST\print$\W32X86]
> >
> > Shouldn't it be the netbios name of the server instead of LOCALHOST ?

It's perfectly valid : If I provide the netbios name on the command
line, it's the one that I get in the Directory Name field. So it's
logical and fine.

I'm still stuck with this permission problem, unfortunately... :-(


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