[Samba] samba ldap / password (smbpasswd)

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Sun Jul 23 20:34:32 GMT 2006

oly wrote:
> hi i have set up samba as a pdc with ldap but i am having problems with
> passwords they do not seem to be taken from ldap instead i have to run
> smbpasswd username to allow a user to login.
> this directory will have around 800 users when complete and the ldap is also
> used for other authentication like to websites and other resources like
> jabber they all work fine it is only the windows login that needs smbpasswd.
> i have two accounts working the root and nobody accounts but none of the
> others do they have the samba scheme on ll accounts but this does not help.
> any ideas as to why or how i can find where the problem is the failed logins
> do not seem to be logged any where and the failure message for winodws is
> invalid username or password.

Have you set "passdb backend" in smb.conf?

Might help to let the list know what version samba you're running,
what your smb.conf is, etc.

Regards, Doug

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