[Samba] getent group does not list newly added NT Security groups

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Sun Jul 23 00:04:58 GMT 2006

Hi all,
I have configured Samba on RHEL4 and joined to W2K AD domain. It is a member 
server with ADS security.

Winbind works fine. I have added new users and security groups to AD domain. 
wbinfo -u and wbinfo -g lists all users and groups. But "getent group" 
command does not list security groups which I created on W2K PDC, though it 
does list all conventional W2K AD Security Groups.

In addition, winbindd.log says:
"could not look up gid for group XXXXX"
XXXXX: The security group I've added.

I get this message every time I run "getent group" command.

What may cause this problem?


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