[Samba] SSH and winbind authentication on Solaris 10

Burris, Celeste Suliin CSBURRIS at ci.tacoma.wa.us
Fri Jul 21 02:10:56 GMT 2006

The answer is (weird) you cannot log in the first time from PUTTY. I brought
my guinea pig to my Mac, had her log in via SSH one time, and now she can
log in from putty.

On 7/20/06 6:39 PM, "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry at samba.org> wrote:

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> Burris, Celeste Suliin wrote:
>> I've googled my heart out, but I cannot see an example
>> of ssh authentication with Active Directory and winbindd,
>> particularly on Solaris 10. I have it working on Solaris
>> 8 with telnet, but I'm trying to break my users of
>> telnet.
> There's not much to it besides adding pam_winbind.so to
> your pam file and make sure to set 'template shell'
> to a valid shell on your system.  The default in
> /bin/false.
> cheers, jerry
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