[Samba] NTConfig.pol /samba troubleshooting

bhermes bhermes at sbs.arizona.edu
Fri Jul 21 00:22:29 GMT 2006

I have (had) poledit/NTConfig.pol working on rhel4 for one of the labs,
it has winexit.scr and a custom adm that has worked fine. I have used
the net rpc groupmap to map users and root.  It doesn't appear the
configuration is being picked up on some machines for the next lab. Even
the base one . There is only Default User and Computer. Is there nt
group related issues I should be checking? I have heard nested groups do
not get picked up.
I get GID errors in samba machine logs (still)
users:@students, @labs etc
Bruce Hermes
bhermes at sbs.arizona.edu

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