[Samba] View disk size

Wyrzykowski, Conrad wyrzykowskicj at AGR.GC.CA
Thu Jul 20 16:10:36 GMT 2006


This is my first visit to this list. We run Samba to talk to our HP-UX
11.i machine. I'm wondering if there is a configuration feature in Samba
that will allow me to see the full properties of my Unix drives from the
PC side. We use Windows XP. Currently when I do a properties on the Unix
drive I can see the amount of data stored there but it does not report
the remaining free space. This causes some of my PC applications to
generate an error if it thinks the output file been created is greater
than the free space it sees. In all cases the process has completed
because there was enough free space, however I would like the error
messages to disappear.


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