[Samba] programmatical retrieval of windows event logs from linux

dave ceek63 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 16:44:29 GMT 2006

  Am a Linux guy and trying to support security monitoring for Windows  devices.  Am trying to find a  programmatic way of pulling security and application logs
  from Windows machine.  OR it can be a push model where windows can generate
  events/traps. It should  all be built-in in windows with no external tool  installation.
  Looks like there is  no NATIVE built in asynchronous event reporting from 
  windows   (2000/2003/xp)?
 It can be in terms of  SNMP Traps as well. 
  Given this,  one can  use Samba apis (rpcclient)  to  periodically pull the event logs
  from windows. Is there  any better way to accomplish the same programmatically
  using Push or Pull  model to get the security and application logs on  windows from  Linux ?



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