[Samba] user login ldap problems, misunderstandings

oly ict at wildernesse.kent.sch.uk
Thu Jul 20 14:25:29 GMT 2006


i have managed to set up samba and ldap to work together i have got
machines joined to the server, used IDEALX to create default entries.

i can log into the machines with root and nobody accouts but nobody
elses. i have added on about 80 users to ldap but none of them can login
they all appear to have posix and samba attributes in the ldap

i am geting a bit confused also by this smbpasswd do i need to run it
for each user in ldap, i kinda figured i did not but got a little
confused when reading others posts on the web.

also where can i look to find why the logins are failed i have the samba
log level set to 3 which i believe is the highest but nothing shows up
to show that an attempt was made.

any help with log files to check levels to change or anything that can
help me figure out where i am going wrong, as samba and ldap seem to
work and communicate fine.

any help appreciated thxs

i have managed to come so far not knowing ldap or samba to this point.

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