[Samba] Cannot add ACL entry in Windows.

Sascha tdy_shadow at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 13:27:52 GMT 2006

Same problem here. I thinks its a bug in the new

--- Linus Lund <linus at island.liu.se> wrote:

> Hello,
> Just upgraded from Samba 3.0.22 to 3.0.23, running
> on a SlackWare Linux 
> Box with a 2.4.31 kernel. All Unix users and samba
> users are stored in 
> ldap. Using setfacl renders correct user/groups in
> the windows acl 
> editor, and works perfectly. However, when I try to
> add a user/group in 
> the Security tab for a share/folder I get the
> following message
> "The program cannot open the required dialog box
> because it cannot 
> determine wheter the computer named fileserv is
> joined to a domain. 
> Close this message and try again."
> Followed by
> "The system cannot find text for message 0x%1 in the
> message file for %2".
> The error occurs with all users, tested on windows
> xp SP2 and windows 
> 2k3 SP1. The problem occured in samba 3.0.23, was
> not present in samba 
> 3.0.22. The improved group handling in samba 3.0.23
> makes me reluctant 
> to downgrading though.
> Anyone got any ideas what to test/do?
> Regards,
> Linus
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