[Samba] Cannot add ACL entry in Windows.

Linus Lund linus at island.liu.se
Thu Jul 20 12:27:35 GMT 2006


Just upgraded from Samba 3.0.22 to 3.0.23, running on a SlackWare Linux 
Box with a 2.4.31 kernel. All Unix users and samba users are stored in 
ldap. Using setfacl renders correct user/groups in the windows acl 
editor, and works perfectly. However, when I try to add a user/group in 
the Security tab for a share/folder I get the following message

"The program cannot open the required dialog box because it cannot 
determine wheter the computer named fileserv is joined to a domain. 
Close this message and try again."

Followed by
"The system cannot find text for message 0x%1 in the message file for %2".

The error occurs with all users, tested on windows xp SP2 and windows 
2k3 SP1. The problem occured in samba 3.0.23, was not present in samba 
3.0.22. The improved group handling in samba 3.0.23 makes me reluctant 
to downgrading though.

Anyone got any ideas what to test/do?


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