[Samba] ACL broken between Samba3.0.22 and Samba3.0.23 on Redhat ES4 ?

Andrew Wilson andrew.wilson at westlakes.ac.uk
Wed Jul 19 18:15:52 GMT 2006

Having recently compiled and installed Samba3.0.23 on Redhat ES4 I find 
that ACL support is no longer working.

I have just upgraded my Solaris and Redhat machines from Samba3.0.22 to 
the latest Samba3.0.23. These systems use the same smb.conf settings and 
have been operating fine with many previous versions of SAMBA. However 
the Redhat machine will not correctly honour ACL permissions, for 
example additional group read access. The same Samba software works fine 
on Solaris with the same config files. I have compiled all versions 
using the same methods (configure --with-acl-support).

The acl's are clearly being honoured properly at the Linux level and if 
I revert back to Samba3.0.22 using the same config' files, the ACL's are 
honoured correctly. I have examined all the changes noted in the release 
notes but cannot see anything directly relevant which could cause this - 
and only on the Redhat platform.

Been running Samba now for 6+ years, and I'd hate to use the b*g word ? 
Any ideas anyone ?


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