[Samba] Samba mount problems

Dan Track dan.track at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 11:50:01 GMT 2006


I've setup samba on a file server. I'm using ADS as the security
level. Now I'd like to make a share that would allow guest to login,
below is the share I've setup:

  path = /tmp/
  public = yes
  only guest = yes
  writable = yes
  printable = no
  auth methods = guest
  guest ok = yes
  map to guest = Bad Password

The problem I have is quite confusing. Basically I can't mount the
above partition as an anonymous user when I use mount or mount.smb or
mount.smbfs. However, I can connect to the share as an anonymous user
if I use smbclient.

Could someone please help me understand why I can't mount the above
using the mount command.

Thanks in advance

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