[Samba] Setting up samba in a mutil-subnet environment

David neruocomp at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 18 14:22:43 GMT 2006

I have a large fileserver located in the server room
for our university.  Its subnet is different from
where the majority of our computers are located, and
so the client machines will not be able to see the

I'm realativly new to using samba, but my idea is to
move our current PDC(using ldap) and put it on the
fileserver, and put a domain member local(on same
subnet) to our computer lab.  I've done this before
when the lab next door required that their machines be
isolated from the internet.  The domain member machine
was also a gateway+firewall.

Is this idea sound? Currently our PDC is local the our
machines and uses autofs to mount the homes, which has
caused some problems.

Running samba ver 3.0.22 on both RHEL v4 local server
and Solaris 10 fileserver.

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