[Samba] Re:Re:Re...Failed to verify incoming ticket!

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Tue Jul 18 12:32:04 GMT 2006

Hi Jerry,

I wrote in my last message that I could connect  to Samba Server with 
different netbios name,not same as the hostname ..
Bu now I can't.
While I was working on it I saw such a thing . But I don't now how it 
My problem is still same as before.

This problem stays on my way as a huge rock :(

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>samba at lists.samba.org Subject: Re: [Samba] Failed to verify incoming 
>ticket! Sent: Monday, July 17, 2006 1:43 PM Hi Gerald,
>That I want to know, what causes that problem. Because when I connect from 
>Start\Run with IP Address of the Samba box  I don't have any problem, but 
>with netbios name I do. Another thing (as I send to samba list) if I change 
>the parameter,netbios name = Diferent_from_SambaHostName, I can connect to 
>Samba Server with netbios name without any problem.
>What is the wrong? Misconfigured smb.conf,krb5.conf or other.
>Thanks for your response,,

Linefeed Feed wrote:
>>>>Hi all,
>>I have configured Samba 3.0.10 to act as a file server(RHEL4) in Windows 
>>2000 AD domain. I have also configured Kerberos
>>1.3.4 for authentication between W2K PDC and Samba box.
>>wbinfo -u and -g works fine. My problem is that I cannot
>>connect Samba Server via Windows Browser, Network Neighborhood,
>>Windows Explorer etc. When I try to connect I prompted
>>User/Password dialog box which says "Incorrect password
>>or unknown username for: \\SambaFileServer
>>Failed to verify incoming ticket!

There is some krb5 failure, but you don't give enough information
to know what.

>>If I go to Start/Run and write Samba Server's IP adress I can connect to 
>>shares on that without any problem.

The client is falling back to NTLM authentication in
this case.

cheers, jerry

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