[Samba] Problem with 3.0.23 upgrade from 3.0.22 with rfc2307 patch

Howard Wilkinson howard at cohtech.com
Tue Jul 18 10:49:44 GMT 2006

I have upgraded one of my servers from a 3.0.22 implementation using the 
rfc2307 patch I supplied some months ago to the 3.0.23 release. I am now 
getting some unexplaned failures and would like some pointers as to 
where to start looking.

I am getting the following logged in the samba logs when trying to start 
the servers.

zebra.log:  Sid S-1-5-32-544 -> BUILTIN\Administrators(4)
zebra.log:  create_local_nt_token: Failed to create 
BUILTIN\Administrators group!

I am also getting the following in the log.winbindd-idmap file.

[2006/07/18 11:41:33, 1] sam/idmap_ad.c:ad_idmap_get_id_from_sid(314)  
ad_idmap_get_id_from_sid: ads_pull_uint32: could not read attribute 

I have gidNumber defined for all Unix users and all of their groups and 
this has been working fine until now. I can access the user homedrive 
OK, but this failure is occuring when I try to access a share protected 
by the group access declaration ... e.g.

        comment = Coherent Technology Website Data
        valid users = @cohtech
        writeable = yes
        path = /var/www/coherent/websites

Anybody able to suggest where I should start looking or any additional 
log information that might help diagnose.


Howard Wilkinson





Coherent Technology Limited





23 Northampton Square,





London, United Kingdom, EC1V 0HL




howard at cohtech.com


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