[Samba] More than 10 authentications WinXP in Samba

Amauri Tiago Marx amauri at unoescsmo.edu.br
Mon Jul 17 17:22:26 GMT 2006

Hello guys,

Sorry for my english. I'm learning.

I'm working in a laboratory and I'll need that many users can login in the 
same workstation.

I'm configuring the workstation WinXP Prof. to login in a samba server PDC 
Version 3.0.22.

All workstation are configuring to join in the samba domain and can login 

Before restart the workstation, I can login fine with many users. After 
restart the workstation, only login with the last 10 users that logged 

Anybody has the same problem and know how can I resolve it?

Thank's very much.

Amauri Tiago Marx
Coordenadoria de Tecnologia da Informação e Comunicação, Ctic
Universidade do Oeste de Santa Catarina, Unoesc
Campus de São Miguel do Oeste

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