[Samba] Re: Setting ACLs fail

Stefan Tietze stetie at stefanonline.net
Fri Jul 14 21:47:29 GMT 2006


Sven Strickroth <sstrickroth <at> gym-oha.de> wrote:

> when I try to Left-Click-Properties on any file or directory on my
> samba-server (named fileserver, my PDC) and select the "security"-tab, all
> acls are listed as before the upgrade from 3.0.21b to 3.0.23, but when I
> click on "Add" I get the following error:
> 'The program cannot open the required dialog box
> because it because it cannot determine whether the compter named
> "FILESERVER" is joined to the domain.' followed by 'Unable to
> display the user selection dialog. The system cannot find message text for
> message number 0x%1 in the message file for %2'.

I've got the same problem. I'm unable to set ACLs on my Samba-Server, too.

After downgrading it worked again, but it's not a real soloution to me.
I don't believe it is a real windows bug, though it works with 3.0.21b.
It would be great if you fix it.


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