[Samba] Upgrading from NT4 to Server 2003/Active Directory

Sul, Young L Sul at hcp.med.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 14 18:26:15 GMT 2006



We're in the process of upgrading our old NT4 PDCs to 2003 Server. We
have several UNIX file servers that use Samba so Windows users can
access files store on them. Currently, we've got Samba versions running
from 2.2.7 up to 3. 


I've been doing some research on this, but there are some things that
are unclear to me, and I'm hoping someone can answer what I am sure are
some basic questions:


1)       Is it a *requirement* to upgrade all Samba servers to version
3, with ADS support compiled in? I ask because in our testing, it seemed
that if the samba server was already part of the Windows domain,
everything worked fine after the upgrade to 2003 Server. Due to
historical/legacy issues, we've had to keep older versions of Samba
around. It would be ideal not to have to upgrade the older servers (at
least in the short term...they certainly will be upgraded in the future)

2)       Are there any issues I should be aware of during our upgrade to
Active Directory? Again, our samba functionality is pretty basic -
pretty much just UNIX file access for Windows clients. 


Tia, sorry if these seem like basic questions (now, back to reading
samba docs!)



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