[Samba] Open files

Jack Gostl gostl at argoscomp.com
Fri Jul 14 12:51:48 GMT 2006


I'm running a Win2K box with a dialogic voice application. The prompt files 
are on an AIX 5.1 box. By using smbstatus I'm finding that the prompt files 
aren't closing. The open files build up until the server hits the per 
process limit, at which point everything falls apart.

I was running samba 2.07, but I just upgraded to 3.0.23rc3 and I still have 
the problem.

I used fuser and lsof to verify that the files were indeed open and owned by 
samba, so its not something as simple as a misunderstanding of locks.

The files are being managed by the Dialogic library so it is unlikely to be 
an application problem, but to double check, I switched to NFS (ugh) and 
lsof shows no open files. Dialogic (now Intel) of course washes their hands 
in this, saying it doesn't happen with local files, it can't be there 
problem. I quesiton that logic since shared files are never quite the same.

I'm running out of ideas.


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