[Samba] "... is a domain, not a user" error

cuicui cuicui.oizo at free.fr
Thu Jul 13 23:10:34 GMT 2006


I'm using SaMBa to share homedirs of a linux server. Since version 
3.0.23, when i try to reach the home dir of a user that have the 
server's name i have this error:

[user_name_here] is a Domain, not a user

This happens only with security = SHARE (works fine w/ security = USER) 
and only for shares like \\my_servername\my_servername, all other 
homedirs (\\my_servername\root, \\my_servername\public, etc.) are OK.

This sounds like a bug to me. My smb.conf is very simple:

         workgroup = MY_WKGRP
         security = SHARE
         encrypt passwords = No
         blocking locks = No

         path = /pub
         guest ok = Yes

         read only = No
         browseable = No
         veto oplock files = /*.MDB/*.LDB/*.ldb/*.mdb/

Bringing back SaMBa 3.0.22 or using "security = USER" does the trick but 
as i have public shares, i'd like to keep "security = SHARE".

I reproduced the error on two servers, both where compiled from the 
sources with this options:

./configure --prefix=/opt/samba-3.0.23 --disable-cups --without-ads 
--without-winbind --without-ldap

Is there any bug form i can fill? Maybe this is an know problem but this 
doesn't seems related to new variables default values.

Thanks your for your help or any advices.

All the best,


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