[Samba] MS06-035 problems?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jul 13 17:52:39 GMT 2006

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Alan Munter wrote:

> I just patched our domain controllers with MS06-035 
> because it said it was just fixing a couple of memory
> leak problems with SMB in srvsvc.
> Now, this afternoon, one of my colleagues tried to 
> join a FC5 machine to our active directory using
> the recipe that we have been using for years
> (which worked yesterday, according to him), and 
> it fails on "net ads join".
> No changes have been made to the domain controllers 
> other than the Black Tuesday patches.
> Here's a log dump from "net -d4 ads join".  We get the error:

What version of Samba is this 3.0.22 ?

> [2006/07/12 15:55:14, 3]
> libads/kerberos.c:kerberos_derive_salting_principal_for_enctype(571) 
>   verify_service_password: get_service_ticket failed: KDC has no support
> for encryption type

Ignore that.  It's not the issue.

> Any ideas of what's going on?  Need more info?  Did MS 
> sneak some more changes into the server service that
> they aren't talking about in that patch?

Need more details.  What do level 10 debug logs from smbd tell you about
the failed authentication?

cheers, jerry
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