[Samba] Mounting /home filesystems with Samba

Brendan Simon Brendan at BrendanSimon.com
Thu Jul 13 06:10:26 GMT 2006

I have a number of linux hosts (4+) that I wish to mount from a a common 
server.  Currently we are using MSW2003R2 as a domain controller and are 
using Active Directory for centralised authentication.  I was planning 
on using the inbuilt NFS server to server unix home directories across 
all the linux hosts, but I'm having some permission issues.

Is it possible to use Samba to server posix home directories to linux 
clients ???
ie. mount /home at boot time using the CIFS filesystem

I felt this was a higher risk option than using an NFS server on 2003R2.

What do the Samba experts think?  Would performance or reliability be 
better to serve /home directories using:
	1. Linux/NFS <-> 2003R2/NFS
	2. Linux/Samba(CIFS) <-> 2003R2/CIFS


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