[Samba] Kerberos Keytab Code Update in 3.0.23

Scott Armstrong scottbird7 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 12 12:29:34 GMT 2006

First thing - I'd like to say a big "THANK YOU" to the developers.
I just upgraded to samba-3.0.23 and I've noticed an alarming issue with
respect to my configuration.
I've been using the built-in keytab management and it looks like the updated
code no longer creates the userPrincipal in Active Directory.
Whether this is an issue for others or not, it would be nice to have seen a
reference to it in the release notes. Since having the user principal in the
keytab and a cron job to renew the ticket are critical for me to use
pam_krb5, I'm going to attempt to figure out what code needs to be added
back from 3.0.22. In the defense of the authors, examining a Win2k3 server
does not show the userPrincipal value being set, although I sort of
considered this functionality to be the primary aim in using Samba for the
keytab management.
While I'm on my soap box, would it be possible to hear some clarification on
the value of some of the principals created in the keytab (MIT Kerberos)?
When I look at Active Directory using ADSI Edit, I see 4 servicePrincipal
values created as a result of "net ads join" -
host/host, host/fqdn, cifs/host, cifs/fqdn.
When I use ktutil to view the keys in the table, I'm confronted with output
that doesn't make any sense to me.
Note that I've substituted generic host/domain/realm info and I've forcibly
constrained the encryption types to rc4-hmac and des-cbc-md5
slot KVNO Principal
---- ----
   1    2 host/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM
   2    2 host/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM
   3    2 cifs/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM
   4    2 cifs/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM
   5    2             foo$@BAR.COM
   6    2             foo$@BAR.COM
   7    2             FOO$@BAR.COM
   8    2             FOO$@BAR.COM
   9    2         host/foo at BAR.COM
  10    2         host/foo at BAR.COM
  11    2         host/FOO at BAR.COM
  12    2         host/FOO at BAR.COM
  13    2 host/FOO.bar.com at BAR.COM
  14    2 host/FOO.bar.com at BAR.COM
  15    2         HOST/foo at BAR.COM
  16    2         HOST/foo at BAR.COM
  17    2         HOST/FOO at BAR.COM
  18    2         HOST/FOO at BAR.COM
  19    2 HOST/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM
  20    2 HOST/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM
  21    2 HOST/FOO.bar.com at BAR.COM
  22    2 HOST/FOO.bar.com at BAR.COM
  23    2         cifs/foo at BAR.COM
  24    2         cifs/foo at BAR.COM
  25    2         cifs/FOO at BAR.COM
  26    2         cifs/FOO at BAR.COM
  27    2 cifs/FOO.bar.com at BAR.COM
  28    2 cifs/FOO.bar.com at BAR.COM
  29    2         CIFS/foo at BAR.COM
  30    2         CIFS/foo at BAR.COM
  31    2         CIFS/FOO at BAR.COM
  32    2         CIFS/FOO at BAR.COM
  33    2 CIFS/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM
  34    2 CIFS/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM
  35    2 CIFS/FOO.bar.com at BAR.COM
  36    2 CIFS/FOO.bar.com at BAR.COM
  37    2 cifs/foo.BAR.COM at BAR.COM
  38    2 cifs/foo.BAR.COM at BAR.COM
  39    2 CIFS/foo.BAR.COM at BAR.COM
  40    2 CIFS/foo.BAR.COM at BAR.COM
  41    2 host/foo.BAR.COM at BAR.COM
  42    2 host/foo.BAR.COM at BAR.COM
  43    2 HOST/foo.BAR.COM at BAR.COM
  44    2 HOST/foo.BAR.COM at BAR.COM
No offense intended, but what is the purpose of adding the variations of
case especially with respect to the FQDN?
When I look at the tickets that are the result of making connections from
one Win2K3 server to another, the principals simply reflect the form of the
requests - ie \\FOO yields principal cifs/FOO at BAR.COM, \\foo.bar.com yields
principal cifs/foo.bar.com at BAR.COM
What am I missing?
Thank you,

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