[Samba] About the folder browse on windows client

sparklezou at hotmail.com sparklezou at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 12 09:50:15 GMT 2006

Dear all,

    Here is a problem need your kind help.

    I would like to let the customer only could see the folders, which he 
has the rights.

    For example, I only set the rights 700 for folder user1_home, which is 
owned by user1. And the user2 from windows client also could see the folder 
user1_home . But when user2 try to access the folder, he will be told NOT 
have the rights.
    My requirement is that, if the user don't have the rights on Linux to 
see the folder of file, don't let he to see the folder from windows client 
through samba. How to set the configuration?

   Thank you very much!

   Waiting for your kind response!

Best Regards,
Zou Yu

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