[Samba] Can only connect after running 'wbinfo -u' or 'getent passwd', and then only for a few minutes

Daniel Johnson teknotus at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 22:24:20 GMT 2006

I used this guide to help me setup samba to authenticate using active directory.


It worked great.  Then I was trying to demonstrate it to someone, and
it didn't work.  I couldn't find anything I did to break it.  After
about an hour I retraced every step I made to set it up in the first
place, and it worked again.  Then a few minutes later it again stopped
working.  I finally traced it down to the 'wbinfo -u', and 'getent
passwd' commands.  Either of them will make it start allowing
connections from windows clients for a few minutes.  My guess is 10
minutes, but I'm not sure.  Those commands work both as root, and as
unprivileged users.  'nscd' is not running, and has never been running
while trying to figure this out.  I have tried editing nsswitch.conf
to look more like the examples in the documentation than the guide I
found, and that didn't make a difference at all.

This is running on fedora 3 SMP
samba version 3.0.10

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