[Samba] windows 98 logon script

Rune Tønnesen rune.tonnesen at bordings-friskole.dk
Wed Jul 12 20:01:14 GMT 2006

vinayan K P skrev:
> Hi all,
> Hope some could help me out with my problem.
> The following is part of my smb.conf.
> logon drive = Q:
> logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U
> logon home = \\%L\%U
> logon script = scripts/%g.bat
> I have a <groupname>.bat file for each group and that basically maps each
> users home directory and a common directory of that group. Bellow is  a
> script for group ma and name of the script is ma.bat.
> net use q: /home
> net use r: \\server1\ma
> For windows 2000 and XP clients, the drives 'q' and 'r' gets mapped 
> and can
> access through  "my Computer".   Windows98 clients says bad command or 
> file
> name when it executes the same batch file when system starts up and the
> drives does not get mapped.  But if run a batch file with the same 
> content
> (as mentioned above) after a 98 client is up, the drives gets mapped.
> Could someone tell me, is there a way with which I can make the windows98
> clients run the logon script when the system connetcs the samba PDC, 
> instead
> of running  net use commands  or a batch file that contains a net use
> commands after the windows 98 system is up.
> Vinayan K P

logon script = scripts/%g.bat
logon script = scripts\%g.bat
because windows 9x does not understand / as a dir limiter, which 2k,xp does.

Venlig Hilsen (Best Regards)
Rune Tønnesen

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